Ben Geller is Ross and Carol's son, born during "The One With The Birth" but lives with his mother and her

Susan Bunch. Ben is played as an infant by Michael Gunderson, and John Christoper Allen from Season 3 to 5, and by Cole Sprouse from Season 6 to 8.


Ben is Ross's only son, from his first marriage and divorce. He is raised by his mother Carol, and her lesbian partner, Susan, so Ross only gets to 'babysit' Ben on occasion. Ben is rarely seen with the other Friends, who were present at (or very near) his birth. This causes him to sometimes mix up their names, like calling Rachel: Phoebe. The gang all adore Ben, but prove pretty unreliable babysitters, not just clumsy Joey and Chandler (who once lose Ben on a bus while doing his babe-magnet value) but even devoted and domestic aunt Monica, and Rachel who teaches Ben pranks, of which he pulls on his parents. Being spoiled by three rivalling parents (Ross and his two mothers, Susan and Carol) and bright by nature, cute Ben grows up as an amusing rascal.


  • His first episode is in The One With The Birth and his last in The One Where Joey Dates Rachel.
  • It was never shown how they decided on his last name.
  • When he was an baby, the Allen twins started talking, which caused problems as he had to be quiet in the scene.
  • Ben's age is meant to be six in The One Where Joey Dates Rachel, but it was said he was seven.
  • Ben is said to have been John Travolta's favourite character.
  • Ben's godfather is Chandler Bing as said in "The One Where Rachel Smokes"
  • Throughout the show, he never meets his half-sister (But maybe he did off-screen).
  • He refers to Rachel as "fun aunt Rachel".