Carol Willick-Bunch
(previously Geller) is Ross' ex-wife, played at first by Anita Barone (in one episode) and then by Jane Sibbett from then on.


Carol is a sixth grade teacher. She left Ross shortly before the first episode of the show, when she realized she was a lesbian. In the years prior to the show, Carol and Ross regularly hung out together with the rest of the gang: in one episode Phoebe admits to missing Carol's presence at their get-togethers. Early in the show, she reveals that she is pregnant with Ross' child; near the end of the first season, she gives birth to baby Ben. In Season 2, she marries her life partner Susan Bunch. Carol makes occasional appearances, usually together with Susan and Ben, throughout the course of the series. Her final appearance was in Season 7, when she was visited by Rachel. She hopes Ben becomes an star in an soup commercial, which does not end up happening. Although for the most part it appears Ross is over Carol, a few episodes imply that Ross does have some lingering feelings for her: they even share a last kiss in " The One With The Candy Hearts". Ross and Carol are on good terms after their divorce, but Ross and Susan are not, as Ross resents Susan for "stealing" Carol away from him. Later on, however, they seem to be on good terms. Ross breaks up with Carol in The One With The Flashback, which is a year before The Pilot, yet she doesn't find out she is pregnant until after The Pilot and doesn't give birth until The One With The Birth, which is almost at the end of Season 1. That would mean she is pregnant for almost 2 years, which would never be possible. However, it is said that Ross had sex with Carol once after he discovered she was a lesbian. Carol also appears in the extended version of The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS in Season 5.