Gunther is someone who works at Central Perk.


Gunther is the manager in charge of the waiters at Central Perk coffee shop, where the Gang often hang out and meet others. He is known for his bleach-blonde dyed hair, recurring appearances and unrequited crush on Rachel, who managed to do such a bad job that only he wouldn't fire her; when Joey has the same job for a while, Gunther proves less patient. Although Gunther is eager to attract Rachel's attention, she often ignores him, yet he would do almost anything for her, even buys the vicious Manx cat nobody wants for the small fortune she dares ask, justified only by the crazy sum she paid for it. He is often mistakenly presumed gay by the other main characters. He is fluent in Dutch, and once played a character named "Blake" on the soap All My Children, whom he said was killed off by dying in an avalanche, living proof Joey's part as Dr. Drake Ramore in Days of Our Lives is no guarantee for a long-term acting career.

Gunther played a key role in the breakup between Ross and Rachel when he told Rachel the news that Ross had slept with someone else.

Behind the scenesEdit

On E!'s THS: Friends, the actor who plays Gunther (James Michael Taylor) says that the character was suprisingly popular in the UK.