All the past interviews of Wikians of the month will be stored here.



Phierb! The very first!
Interview. (By Gokan1603)

Gokan: When you first found out you were Wikian of the month, how did you feel?

Phierb: When I first found out I felt awesome.

Gokan: Who did you vote for Wikian of the month and why?

Phierb: I voted Gokan and Kakarot and had Nicka as my honorable mention because they're just plain awesome.


Gokan! Our very own founder!

Interview. (By Phierb3)

Phierb:What did you feel like when you first heard you were Wikian of the month?

Gokan: Well I felt like screaming in Obama's face saying: I WON!

Phierb: When did you first join the wiki?

Gokan: ...


I made it.

Phierb: I know.

Creation date?

Gokan: July 15th.

Phierb: What changes would you like to see on the wiki in the immediate future?

Gokan: ...

More users.

Lots more.