Kim, introduced in The One Where Rachel Smokes, is one of Rachel Green's bosses at Ralph Lauren. Upset that she doesn't get a say in any decisions made on the smoking break, Rachel pretends that she smokes to air her opinions to her boss. She encourages her boss and other colleague to quit smoking, but catches them smoking anyway. Rachel's boss believes that Rachel has really tried her hardest to give up, so threatens that she will lose her job if she catches her smoking again. Appearing once again in The One With Ross' Teeth, she appears to begin liking Rachel after she gossips about Phoebe Buffay's alleged kiss with Ralph Lauren. Kim mistakenly believes it was in fact Rachel who kissed him, trying to get Kim's job. She changes her mind when she sees Ralph give Rachel 'the coldest look she's ever seen'.

Although not truly intending to be, Kim is one of the recurring characters in Friends to appear as a minor antagonist. The reason why is because of her rude and mean nature towards Rachel. She is not as antagonistic as some other despicable characters though.