Phoebe Buffay lived in uptown New York until when she was twelve her "mother" killed herself and she lived a life on the streets. Previous to that her father had abandoned her, her twin sister Ursula, and her mother. Early on in the series a grandmother is shown but later dies.

Phoebe was not really the main character in any episodes until late in the show. Early on she had a relationship with David the "science guy" who had to move to Minsk for scientific study.

Throughout the show Phoebe was always involved in strange situations. Unable to have their own children, Phoebe's brother and his wife ask her to be a surrogate mother. Reluctant at first, she agrees and ends up giving birth to their triplets.

Phoebe has a twin sister names Ursula. Ursula, like Phoebe is quirky and a little air-headed but unlike her she seems heartless and at times uncaring.

Phoebe discovered in the third season that the woman whom she thought was her mother was infact her birth mother's best friend.

Phoebe did not find a new serious love interest until season 8, Mike, a unemployed lawyer who played piano on the side. It seemed as though everything would be wonderful until she found out that Mike never wanted to get married and the two ended their relationship.

After the break up with Mike, David the science guy returns from Minsk and confesses that he is still in love with Phoebe. Phoebe who is desperately trying to get over Mike but is obviously still in love with him tries hard to fall in love with David again. David, sensing that Phoebe is not over Mike, decides to propose to Phoebe in hopes that marrying him will help her forget about Mike. Just as David is about to propose Mike shows up and proposes to Phoebe instead. Shockingly, Phoebe says no. She does not want a proposal from Mike; she just wants to know that someday they will be married. She ends it with poor heartbroken David and rekindles her and Mike's relationship.

During season 10 Mike and Phoebe are married and in the series finale they discuss wanting to have children.


She grew up on the streets after her mom killed herself.


  • She once thought that Phebs was just a name the gang calls each other but was corrected by Monica and Rachel.
  • She has been reincarnated from another body.
  • Her birthday is February 16.
  • She was briefly known as "Princess Consuela Bananahammock".