The One Where It All Began

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Written by:

Marta Kauffman & David Crane

Directed by:

James Burrows

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One With The Sonogram At The End


Monica sits in a coffee house being teased by her friends about a "non-date" she is going on that night, but is interrupted when her brother, Ross, arrives, upset because his lesbian ex-wife has moved her things out of the apartment and m

oved in with her partner. An old high school friend of Monica's, Rachel Green, runs into the coffee house wearing a wedding dress. Rachel explains that as she left her fiancé at the altar, she had no-one else

to turn to. Rachel returns to Monica's apartment and Monica's date, Paul "the wine guy", arrives. They leave and Rachel stays in the apartment, while Ross, Chandler and Joey return to Ross's apartment to put together his new furniture. Ross bemoans his single life and is prompted by Joey and Chandler to start dating again. At dinner with Paul, Monica learns he has been impotent since he divorced his wife and takes pity on him.

The next morning Chandler and Joey talk with Rachel and tell her about their jobs. Monica and Paul emerge from the bedroom and after he leaves Rachel tells Monica she will go out to find a job that day. At work, Monica learns that Paul's impotence was a ruse to instigate sex, and, later in the coffee house, is mocked by Joey and Chandler for not realising this. Rachel arrives and tells the group that because she failed 12 interviews, she bought boots with her father's credit card. The others tell her that if she wants to be independent she needs to cut up her cards, while Phoebe tries to find common ground by comparing Rachel's situation with the effect on her life of her own mother's suicide. That evening, Ross reveals to Rachel that he had a crush on her in high school. She tells him she knew and he asks her if he could ask her out on a date sometime. She agrees and Ross leaves, happy to be back in single life. In the tag scene, Chandler tells his friends about a dream he had while Rachel serves coffee; she has found a job in Central Perk.

Episode 1 (low qualitiy)

Episode 1 (low qualitiy)

The first few minutes of the series.