This is the 5th episode of Friends and the 5th episode overall.


Eager to spend time with Rachel, Ross pretends his building's washroom is rat-infested so he can join her at the laundromat. Chandler points out this could be a 'date' and the first time she'll see his underwear so it shouldn't be dirty! Rachel, the spoiled 'laundry virgin' feels managing this domestic chore is a real step to independence, but despite Ross's good advice she leaves a red sock in the machine. The real accomplishment comes where she has to stand up as no-nonsense-New Yorker against a rude, aggressive woman who invents rules to pretend it's not Rachel turn to do her laundry. Joey realizes he regrets dumping foxy Angela when he learns she is dating Bob. He proposes a double-date, then needs a girl stat. Monica agrees to be Joey's date but when she sees hunky Bob and realizes he's not Angela's brother she starts to enjoy the evening. Chandler drinks too much espresso while desperately trying to break up with neurotic Latta girl who she is known for and later appeared in The one with the Monkey

Ross asks to join Rachel & Monica at the Laundromat so he can see more of Rachel. Monica backs out at last minute so Ross & Rachel are left doing laundry alone together.... Phoebe & Chandler go to break up with their current partners together at the coffee house. Phoebe's goes a lot smoother than Chandler's. ... Joey regrets ending it with his ex, Angela, but she has a boyfriend, Bob. To try & sabotage the relationship & keep the pieces, Joey tells Monica he has set up a double date for her with Bob, but tells Monica that Angela is Bob's sister. this episode is seen in Season 2 and Season 8 as Rachel and Brenda collects clothes from the Laundry room now seen in The one with the Stain and The one with the Prom video