This is the rules page. (Leave a comment saying you read them)


All Cussing must be censored (such as "sh*t" OR "f*ck") and must not be spammed.


  • You may not make excessive personal attacks toward other users.
  • You must make all edits in good faith.
  • Be considerate to all users. (except trolls of course)
  • You must not be offensive to other users, because of their religon or race.
  • Do not beg for rights, if you wish to ask for a certain position please ask on the Promotion Requests Blog.
  • If someone is accused of something, they are innocent until proven guilty.

Chat rules

  1. No spam unless a admin yells: "SPAM WAR!" and you must stop as soon as they declare it over.
  2. If you get into an argument with someone and it is bothering the other users, you will both get kicked, if it happens again then you'll get banned.
  3. You are only allowed to Rp if the majority of users/an admin is fine with it.

Ban/Block times

Note: Exceptions may be made for all of these.


First time: Warning

Second time: Warning (If severe: 2 hour block)

Third time: One day block

Fourth time: One week Block

Fifth time: One month block

Sixth time: 6 month block

Seventh time: Permanent block


First time: Warning

Second time: 1 week block

Third time: 1-2 Month Block

Fourth time: 6 month-One year block

Fifth time: Permanent block

Serious swearing:

1st, 2nd and 3rd time: Warning

4th time: 2 hour ban

5th time: 6 hour ban

6th time: 1 week ban

7th time: 2 week ban

8th time: one month ban

9th time: permanent ban

Excessive spamming:

1st and 2nd time: Warning

3rd time: 2 hour ban

4th time: 3 day ban

5th time: 2 week ban

6th time: 2 month ban

7th time: Permanent ban

Should anybody commit these offenses please contact: Phierb, Gokan, SS1, or Kakarot.


All these rules are flexible and may be altered without prior notice

Chat mod (Exceptions may be made)

Must have at least 5 good edits*

Must not abuse powers.

Rollback (Exceptions may be made)

Must have at least 5 good edits*

Must be responsible.

Admin (Exceptions may be made)

Must have at least 15 good edits*


No openings

* These are mainspace edits.

5 good MediaWiki edits can stand for one good mainspace edit.

Wikian of the month

You may not vote for the one who was Wikian of the month last time.